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Precise laser cutting of 3D plastic and metal components

The non-contact laser cutting system from Jenoptik provides a quick way to process metals and plastics. The non-wear process from Jenoptik guarantees low maintenance costs.

With the laser technology from Jenoptik, you can cut metals and plastics efficiently and flexibly in a process that is gentle to the material, delivering the best-possible laser cutting results. You can tailor the energy applied precisely to the machining process in question, preventing the material from warping or overheating and saving you time and money.

Metal Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Machine: High-Precision Cutting of Metal

Laser Cutting of Metals

Process metal quickly and extremely precisely with the highly developed robot and beam guidance technology from Jenoptik. Laser technology allows you to reach complex 3D components even in hard-to-reach places. Set-up time is significantly reduced as just one tool can be used for all tasks. After the laser cutting process, the components do not need to be cleaned because the laser process works without any additional cutting equipment.

Plastic Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting of Plastics

Laser Cutting of Plastics

Laser technology provides an energy-efficient way to cut plastics and creates exceptionally precise edges. The process is non-contact, which protects the material and prevents both tool wear and damage to your 3D component. High-performance exhaust air purification systems also extract the smoke, ensuring a clean machining process.

Benefits Laser Cutting

  • Flexible: Complex 3D components can be laser cut easily at any point.
  • Efficient: Extremely dynamic and fast.
  • Precise: Achieves precise cutting results.
  • Non-wearing: Non-contact process for minimal maintenance and spare parts costs.
  • Rapid set-up times: Use one tool for all tasks.
  • Clean: Extract smoke with high-performance exhaust air purification systems.

Fields of Application

  • Automotive industry: Laser cutting of metal and plastic 3D components.
  • Household technology: Laser cutting of housings and plastic components.

Product Recommendation: Basic Module and Laser Cutting System JENOPTIK-VOTAN? BIM

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